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June 16, 2020

COVID-19 has changed the world we know and will continue to do so for a while. Right now, we experience unprecedented times that have already forced us to adapt to change (e.g. remote working) and we will have to stay flexible for further adjustments if we want to come out of this stronger and successful. Some of the changes that we have already undergone in this crisis will certainly have a lasting impact.

What do we know? After the initial shock, many of our clients are already planning the restart of their businesses and experiment with maintaining the newly learned ways of working, mindset and approach. Fortunately, the dynamics of such situations offer opportunities for those that are willing and able to explore their options. While we still do not know what our new normal will look like, nor when we will get there, we have already started embarking on the journey towards a world beyond coronavirus.

Transitioning from a world of the known through a period of unknown can be a leapfrog to transformation. An opportunity which is worth further investigation.

We want to give some rationale and guidance to those who do not want to miss out on potential opportunities, especially opportunities related to “transformation and growth through M&A”. We want to provide an outline on how to implement a successful process that delivers the full expected value of an M&A opportunity during COVID-19 times, even with associated capacity constraints.

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