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Empower your messaging and investment strategy

Digital media and constrained budgets have revolutionized the way today’s consumers browse and buy. Understanding their behavior and preferences — and the communications that reach and influence them most effectively — empowers your messaging and investment strategies. Armed with A&M’s advanced predictive analytics, you'll easily outpace the competition.

Alvarez & Marsal (A&M) - Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer Packaged Goods

The fragmentation of consumer markets, economic pressures and the explosive growth of digital media are transforming the ways consumers shop and the ways you engage them to influence their attitudes and purchases. Seize market share with A&M.
Alvarez & Marsal (A&M) - Consumer Products: Tobacco


The debate about the health effects of tobacco is over, and the adverse health impacts are well understood and advertised widely by global tobacco manufacturers. However, the issues related to increasing taxes on tobacco, illicit trade and organized crime, and enforcement are far from over. A&M brings you the objectivity, independence, skills and experience needed to tackle these challenges in an organized and effective way.