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Industry Knowledge


The world’s love affair with the automobile shows no sign of waning. But neither does the onslaught of challenges facing auto manufacturers, suppliers and retailers. Industry leaders already grappled with a slew of uncertainties impacting everything from the availability, price and transport of raw materials to consumer preferences and expectations. The global pandemic only exacerbated the risks posed by disruptive technology and business models as well as today’s mercurial geopolitical climate.    

A&M Knows Uncertainty.

Our restructuring heritage sharpens our ability to act, even in the midst of unknowns. We bring a sense of urgency and accountability to every task we undertake, and our success has been road-tested with automotive OEMs and suppliers worldwide. Our focus is on long term results as seen in the bottom line and cash flow of our clients.

The Right Solution, At the Right Time, In the Right Way.

The auto industry’s problems aren’t one-dimensional – your solutions shouldn’t be either. At A&M, we build teams with senior crisis management, performance improvement, risk management, forensic accounting and tax leaders who will leave no stone unturned. We believe plans that combine these perspectives move faster and deliver more value. We aren’t afraid to accept accountability and partner with clients to achieve the results we believe are possible.

Take Charge. Take Action. 

Managing supply chain risk, liquidity concerns and demand uncertainty while keeping pace with competition in R&D, manufacturing and sales is no small task. A&M can help. We excel at global supply chain planning in today’s complex and quickly changing geopolitical environment (e.g., tariffs, quarantines, tax regulations, etc.). We understand revenue enhancement, production efficiency, purchasing excellence, IT transformation, transactions and the after-sales initiatives that can improve EBIT performance and sustain growth.

If you’re ready to transform your operations, catapult growth and accelerate results, count on us for decisive action. Go ahead. Shift into overdrive.