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Transaction Opinions

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Click here to see a selection of our recent middle market transaction opinions.

With an escalating focus on corporate governance and fiduciary responsibilities, your board of directors and management team are pressured to manage risk across all corporate transactions. Our independent opinions are supported by extensive due diligence and analytics to ensure that your transactions stand up to regulatory and judicial investigation. Our transaction opinion professionals can draw upon A&M’s operational expertise to provide conclusions that mitigate your risk. Additionally, senior level professionals are engaged in all our opinion engagements from start to finish.

Solvency Opinions.
Independent solvency opinions can help mitigate risk against fraudulent conveyance. Our independent assessment gives comfort that an entity has asset value in excess of its debts, is able to pay its debts, has sufficient net assets or capital and has sufficient surplus capital pro forma for a distribution — where applicable. Our opinions help boards of directors to be satisfied that dividends, distributions and other leveraged financings can be consummated without leaving the corporation insolvent or with insufficient capital.

Fairness Opinions.
Boards of directors have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of their companies’ investors. Working directly with your management and legal counsel, we build a concise, transaction-specific statement regarding the fairness of a proposed corporate action to a particular stakeholder from a financial perspective. Combining analytics with our operational expertise, we provide transaction due diligence and frame a clear, industry-relevant valuation analysis that supports our opinions.

We offer opinion services for a variety of transactions, including:

  • Spin-offs
  • Leveraged buy-outs and dividends
  • Privatizations
  • Related-parties
  • Buy and sell-side mergers and acquisitions