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Structured Finance & Capital Equipment Valuation

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We help you optimize your financing structure and value your critical capital assets.

Structured Finance Valuations
When you require a valuation of your equipment and facilities, A&M is your best partner. If you’re seeking a leader in green energy valuations, look to us.

Our team works with you to provide lease appraisals, asset-based financings, partnership structures and project finance. We know the valuation terrain across asset classes, working with power, oil and gas, automotive, high-tech manufacturing, construction, dairy, over-the road, rail and aircraft companies.

We understand public / private partnership financing nuances. We put our experience of valuing transport infrastructure assets, utilities and facilities to work for you. We appraise a full range of assets for structured financings, including “true tax,” off-balance sheet, leveraged and single-investor leases, plus debt and collateral financings, portfolio valuations and end of lease negotiation.

Capital Equipment Valuation
Whether you are making a strategic investment, disposal decision or simply need a valuation to fulfill a compliance requirement, A&M provides the accuracy you need. We value machinery, equipment and other personal property, as well as real estate assets and one-of-a-kind facilities. We offer “full valuation” with in-depth due diligence procedures, including site inspections and individual asset analysis, as well as “desktop analysis” using your data to complete the valuation.

Look to A&M for:
Transactional services relating to the sale or purchase of a business and / or its tangible assets (purchase price allocations, asset impairment and due diligence tax service)

  • Tax-related services (federal tax planning, and state and local tax planning)
  • Insurance placement (insurable replacement costs)
  • Planning and advisory
  • Liquidation analyses