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Portfolio Valuation & Advisory Services – Alternative Investments

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Transparency, independence and accountability.

As seasoned professionals, we possess the expertise to identify and evaluate the key financial and operational drivers necessary to ensure a robust valuation partnership with managers and investors. We address complex valuation challenges from critical investment, regulatory and strategic perspectives to assess value at the fund, portfolio and investment level.

The powerful combination of our valuation experience and A&M’s operational heritage helps private equity, hedge funds, business development companies, banks and other financial services companies address valuation issues efficiently and effectively. By combining unique industry knowledge across the firm with deep experience in the audit, technological, legal and compliance, regulatory and limited partner communities, A&M is uniquely positioned to assist clients in navigating the industry’s perpetual crosscurrents.

Our Portfolio Valuation services span the independent valuation of illiquid investments across all asset classes including:

  • Private loans
  • Equity interests
  • Derivatives and convertible instruments
  • Structured products
  • Real estate
  • Commercial and contractual agreements
  • Limited partner interest and general partnership entities

We understand your need to institutionalize evolving industry best practices and are here to assist you with the preparation of internal valuation policies, as well as other risk and compliance policies necessary to ensure best-in-class standards.

Other services to the alternative investment community include:

  • Pre- and post-transaction support
  • Fund analytics and technology
  • Modeling and model validation
  • Drafting and vetting of internal policies and procedures
  • Regulatory advisory and litigation support