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Divorce Services

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Valuation and financial analysis for marriage dissolutions

When your client’s business or personal assets are at jeopardy in a divorce settlement, the stakes are high.

We partner with family law attorneys to help their clients involved in complex, high-value cases to understand their current financial position and its trajectory, if appropriate, as well as to protect their financial future. We provide reliable and supportable values of business interests, real estate and any other identifiable assets.

We also gather and preserve evidence for trial and deliver written and verbal opinions, rebuttal opinions and cross-examination assistance, always with a commitment to objectivity, quality and integrity.

Our financial analysis and expert witness services include:

  • Valuing business interests and stock compensation programs
  • Analyzing and calculating spending, annual cash flows and taxable income
  • Identifying and tracing marital assets
  • Preparing net worth statements and financial affidavits
  • Providing financial interrogatories, document tracking and discovery requests

For more information, please visit Litigation & Dispute Valuation Services.